Los Cabos is a destination that registers exponential real estate growth. Gabriela and Jesus have elevated the conversation in their luxury real estate offering to serve buyers and sellers innovatively

Jesús Valenzuela y Gabriela López, the luxury real estate professionals in Zadún a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Los Cabos is one of the preferred vacation destinations worldwide due to its fantastic beaches, golf, and scenery. In recent years, it has registered increases in real estate sales and the value of its properties, derived from travelers’ new preferences and trends.

Both explain that the luxury real estate sector in Los Cabos is at a key moment. There is a large number of buyers wanting to invest in the destination. Therefore human connections and extensive knowledge of the market are essential to advise accurately, based on the buyer’s lifestyle and not only on their price range; essential factors for the professionals when advising their clients.

“There has been a boom in the luxury real estate market. We previously only had a few luxury communities, and from about six years to now, the sector has grown immensely, almost tripling the ultra-luxury communities, which include properties over 5 million dollars”, explains Gabriela López. She is from Argentina and has lived in Mexico for over 18 years. Real estate professional, which she complements with environmental activism and a degree as a journalist.

Their potential as agents covers the entire sector of Baja California Sur (Los Cabos and surroundings), where prestigious developers are spreading and creating further developments, which provides an excellent window of opportunity for everyone: investors, developers, and buyers.

However, Gabriela and Jesús aim to be the first Latin Americans in the region to advise investors from all over the world with this human connection and link high-end properties to the new generation of digital entrepreneurs expanding globally.

Gabriela López, the luxury real estate professional in Zadún a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.


Los Cabos, an expanding real estate market

Their vision foresees that the luxury real estate sector in Los Cabos will continue to expand, with properties that buyers themselves can customize and where people can be part of the process: choosing finishes, the location of the homes and lots, as well as the integration of technology so that they are truly unique and exclusive properties; but, above all, oriented towards sustainability and the art of living.

In this boom, in which developments are more focused on wellness and the environment, Gabriela López and Jesús Valenzuela –top producers at the firm Ronival Real Estate– have taken the sale of real estate to another level. They provide investors and buyers with an efficient service from start to finish with immediate availability and always focus on the culture of knowledge as a window of contact with both developers and investors.

“The human connection and projecting lifestyle distinguishes us. We generate a very personalized service. We focus on getting to know our clients, their needs and desires”, shares Jesús Valenzuela, the youngest real estate professional in Baja California Sur. He represents the voice of a new generation of entrepreneurs using big data and sustainability as value propositions to its customers.

Proof of this is how both entrepreneurs, hand in hand with the multidisciplinary team they lead (made up of producers, publicists, and marketers), produce unique content through

 @LosCabosLuxuryRealEstate that allows you to live and experience the lifestyle; This way, clients can see properties online from anywhere in the world in which they are interested and experience them through virtual tours and other platforms.

Gabriela and Jesús have had the opportunity to participate in House Hunter International, an American television program in which foreigners seek residences in Los Cabos. This participation has earned them recognition from investors and a constant commitment to raising the level of service and humanism when advising a new buyer.

“We work to continue contributing to the exponential growth of the real estate market in Los Cabos; we find ourselves in a continuous increase with record numbers every day; for example, from 2020 to 2021 there was a growth in the market, from 415 million dollars to

2.3 billion dollars, in sales volume. It increased 5 times more; this motivates us to expand and contribute to real estate projects committed to sustainability and adding value to people and the community, ” says Jesús Valenzuela.

Jesús Valenzuela, the luxury real estate professional in Zadún a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.


Investors and developers, who have focused on destinations such as Cancun, Tulum, or even some areas of the United States and Europe, arrive in Los Cabos, a very safe place with great potential. Thanks to professionals such as Gabriela and Jesús, Los Cabos is positioned as a destination that empowers the participation of Latin Americans in a primarily North American market, both in supply and demand for high-end properties. One of the objectives of both professionals is to attract the high-end Mexican and European markets to Los Cabos.

To learn more about the innovative offer in high-end real estate in Los Cabos, we recommend you visit. L uxuryrealestateloscabos.com

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